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Dr. House’s Prescription to Escape the 9 to 5
Gordon Ku

Gordon Ku

Dr. Gordon Ku is a seasoned property entrepreneur, author and consultant. He is Australia’s most respected property strategist and is recognized as an expert in the field of generating more cash flow from real estate for investors and developers. He originally graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Melbourne and has educated himself in the field of real estate investing over many years. He has built himself a multi-million dollar property portfolio in a short span of time. Gordon is the founder of Toorak Property Consulting Group and Dr. House Property.

He provides consulting to many real estate agents, buyers and sellers every year. Gordon also helps many families every year into homeownership by making homes more available to home owners using flexible terms. He has coached many property investors and has delivered many public speeches at trade associations, investment groups, and seminars.

He has shared the platform with many wealth educators including Rick Otton and Mal Emery. Born in Taiwan and grew up in Australia, Gordon, as a fluent speaker in both English and Mandarin Chinese, offers a more Eastern perspective on wealth creation.

Beyond sharing his property investment knowledge, Dr. Ku provides caring medical service to his patients and still practices part-time as a general practitioner in Melbourne, Australia. To find learn more from Dr. Gordon Ku

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