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Competitive Advantage
Heather Cullen

Heather Cullen

Entrepreneur, Educator, Author, and World Traveller

Heather is a successful entrepreneur, educator, author, stock options trader, classical pianist, and world traveller. Always ready for a challenge, Heather decided to seek a double major in mathematics from the University of West Australia because she was once told that “girls didn’t do math.”

After graduating, she taught high school math before changing careers and becoming an IT professional. She found that she enjoyed IT while she worked in senior management positions at IBM, Datec, the Central Institute of Technology, the Western Australia Department of Housing, the Western Australia Department of Education, and Legal Aid of New South Wales.

She also taught computing at the Central Institute of Technology and Edith Cowan University. Determined to never work for anyone else again, Heather launched her first business. Through her company Software Design, she designed mohair knitwear that she sold in 12 upmarket boutiques. She also began investing in real estate and became a part-time options trader.

In 2004, Heather found her business niche when she launched Shadow Shopper with her partner, John Brooker. It was her many years of experience in IT that helped her build a solid technology infrastructure for the business.

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